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working with armour flex to protect sports-people from impact injuries and help them stay in the game

Armour Flex protection is an innovative new concept in the sports impact protection market. As part of an aggressive marketing campaign into the football and roller-sports arenas, DarkScorpio created a set of promotional videos and adverts for use across social media and livestreams. Due to the start-up nature of the business, they needed their videos to be good, quick and cheap so once again DarkScorpio broke the iron triangle to achieve success for Armour Flex

  • VFX created using Adobe After Effects

  • 3D effects generated in VideoCopilot Element 3D

  • Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Footage filmed on location at Charlie Miller football academy

  • Footage of application process filmed on green-screen

  • Creation of all content and copy

  • Audio/Soundtrack selection, editing and engineering

  • Completed videos delivered on-time and under-budget

The Armour Flex 'sizzlers' were featured in every advert break during the 2016 and 2018 Men's Roller Derby World Cup tournaments, and the promo videos for football protection have been integral to Armour Flex's global marketing campaigns for more than 7 years

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