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Don’t take your foot off the gas when you’re down on team resource

86% of marketers believe that a lack of resources and capabilities impairs the overall performance of their team. Career changes, maternity/paternity leave, promotions, illness, or sudden growth; Just some of the situations when a marketing team might find themselves temporarily short staffed. Replacing, backfilling, and training takes time. If you need additional talent resource for just a few days or weeks without having to jump through the hoops of an agency, DarkScorpio can provide you with ad-hoc temporary generalist capability while you get your marketing function back up to full strength.

Plug those gaps!

special offer

Freelancer & Sole-trader website

Only £749

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Startup & Small-business website

Only £1499

US-based Raintree Systems didn't let a lack of resource in England stop them from conquering Britain: they just used DarkScorpio as their UK marketing team!

HCML operated with no marketing resource for many years. DarkScorpio worked with them for 2 years to build a fully functioning marketing department and implement a new CRM platform.

"I have had the pleasure of working with DarkScorpio for several years and used their services on a number of occasions; most latterly on a 100+ people assignment to photograph for the purposes of producing security ID badges. The service they provided was end-to-end including the organisation on the people front. As ever, their work was first rate and I have no hesitation in endorsing them."

"I found DarkScorpio to be extremely flexible and passionate about their work. They were more than willing to work extra hours and make modifications working with our own ideas and visions. Their professionalism and fun loving character enhanced the quality and delivery of all the events they worked on for us and I would not hesitate to work with them again"

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