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Your new website. Good, quick and cheap.

We’re want to relieve some of the pressure, make your life easier and your help your business become more successful. If you’re a freelancer, sole trader or are involved in a startup small business, you’re probably already multi-tasking across the sales, marketing, HR, operations, delivery, compliance, finance, R&D and manufacturing/production functions - all while trying to put food on the table and life a meaningful life outside of work. 


We understand the situation because we are in the same boat. Unfortunately we can’t give away our services for free, but we can alleviate the stress of designing and building a good website for you quickly and at a fair price. Good. Quick. Cheap.

  • Web shop/E-commerce

  • Database/Search

  • Bookings system

  • Events

  • Memberships

  • Multi-language

  • File upload/download

Available upgrades

Terms and Conditions of this special offer

  1. Prices include introductory video call and handover training session upon completion

  2. Payment via instalments is available

  3. Administrative control of website will be maintained by DarkScorpio until full and final payment has been made

  4. Offer does not include copywriting

  5. Webcopy and branding must be provided by client and is not included in the offer price

  6. Copywriting and graphic design services can be provided by DarkScorpio as a separate service

  7. Hosting account fees are not part of the special offer

  8. This offer includes one round of revisions per page. Further revisions will be charged at hourly rate

  9. Websites will be built using Wix Studio

  10. Clients will be responsible for the legality and compliance of the content they provide

  11. DarkScorpio assumes no legal liability for any client-provided content (e.g. T&Cs, graphics, copy etc.)

  12. Clients using the special offer agree to a case study being created for the DarkScorpio website

  13. These terms and conditions are in addition to the general GiB Enterprises Ltd. terms and conditions

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