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Creating a truly international and multi-lingual website ecosystem for the world's most innovative talent management solutions provider

PSI Talent Management chose to deploy the skills and experience of DarkScorpio while they rapidly expanded their global reach through a set of exciting international mergers and acquisitions. During this period go unprecedented growth, it was also decided that the talent management part of the wider PSI business would spin off into its own brand, and so our expertise were put to work as a pivotal part of creating and maintaining a truly global and multi-lingual website which would match the organisation’s ambitions. Talogy, the new identity of PSI talent management, was launched in 2022 with a technologically magnificent website that is available in 10 languages.

  • Website design & development

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Project management

  • Brand guardianship

  • Mapping, migration, integration and deprecation of acquisition websites

  • Agency & supplier management: Marketing, translation & website development

  • Graphic design & image manipulation

  • Video production, editing, animation & translation

  • GDPR guidance & compliance

  • Utilisation of full Adobe Creative Suite

  • Track, identify and implement UX and SEO best practice techniques

  • Cross-function marketing/digital liaison & support 

Since the rebrand and completion of its international websites, Talogy has gone from strength to strength to become the world's leading provider of talent management solutions. It continues to enhance its position with further acquisitions, and has won awards for its innovation and excellence. 

Previous branding

New branding

Previous branding/websites

New branding/websites

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