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Deploying the full range of post-production expertise and experience to help the Yellow Vee perfect, promote and sell their gripping documentary

DarkScorpio travelled to Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt, to help the team at The Yellow Vee complete their documentary to a high enough standard that it could be sold for broadcast. With 20 years of film-making expertise at our fingertips, DarkScorpio was able to deploy a wide range of creative, marketing and problem-solving skills across the entire post-production process. The result is a gripping documentary that shines a spotlight on the child labour exploited by one of Egypt’s most famous camel race events.

  • Carried out full review and feedback session with film makers to improve pacing, narrative and messaging

  • Generated new pre-titlecards with improved wording

  • Created unique catalogue of lower-thirds

  • Re-wrote and reformatted all subtitles for correct English

  • Colour correction & colour grading

  • Added all vfx and sfx

  • Audio engineering across whole project (vocals, sfx & underscores)

  • Assembled and edited all opening and closing credits

  • Rendering & exporting

  • Utilised Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition and Photoshop

'The Children behind Zalaga' has now been selected by the International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) - held annually in Amsterdam - to join its catalogue of documentaries for sale during the event. The Yellow Vee anticipates the documentary to be purchased by a leading VoD provider, and to generate versions of the documentary in other languages. They also hope that the film highlights the plight of the wider global issues around child labour.

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